Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bi-Partisan: Divided States of America

\(ˌ)bī-ˈpär-tə-zən, -sən, -ˌzan, chiefly British ˌbī-ˌpär-tə-ˈzan\
Definition of BIPARTISAN
: of, relating to, or involving members of two parties bipartisan commission>;specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties <bipartisan support for the bill>

Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • Japan Death Toll (April 18th) according to CNN: 13,843
  • Chaos in Egypt continues with a 10% unemployment rate, dozens of reporters arrested and beaten
  • War in Libya
  • War in Afghanistan continues, more troops are getting deployed and are scheduled to deploy.
  • US Forces are still in Iraq
  • US unemployment rate 8.8%
  1. Do we have time to continue to debate or think of anything other than what is going on in this world?
  2. Is it just me or does the country feels more and more divided?
  3. Is there such a thing as bi-partisanship anymore or does this no longer exist?
  4. Can we put our politics aside to focus on what is important?
  5. When making a judgement about ones religion or politics, shouldn't we all keep in mind that there might just be variations, grades, degrees of such controversial and heavily debated topics, such as how left or right a person is, that there are variation such as the variation of colors? * blue and red: blue, navy blue, blue/black, metallic blue, light blue, baby blue, aqua, turquoise  * red, dark red, red/black, cherry red, apple, metallic red, light red, maroon, brick, pink 
  6.  Are not most media if not all media outlet labeled "liberal" outlets and if so, is this bad or good or just not true?
  7. If such subjects are "cut and dry," should there be a fair representation of all political parties by media sources today?
  8. If there is an unbalance of representation regarding political views, how might this be corrected? If we want to show grades of blue and red, should we first admit that there are layers and grades of both colors?
  9. Are we as a country able to reflect change beginning with ourselves first, leading by example?
  10. How long should we focus on who is right or wrong, the things we can not change like other people (who and what they are, there background or history)?

I am Independent without an agenda other than to try and make sense and understand. I have no answers other than to pose these reflections as just that- asking the real hard questions and to learn how to accept where we are currently. I take no sides. I am not assuming or saying anything in subtext. I am wondering if anyone else is exhausted by the silliness of what takes up airtime on the news? As I admitted in my last article/blog, I know there is conflict and I know the importance of bringing to light valid issues that our country should consider. But, I sincerely wonder if this country is tired from so much division tearing in to the fabric of our love, turning us against one another. I wonder how many people are sick of listening to political smearing and character assassinations from all sides of the political spectrum? I wonder if we as the great country of the America are saddened by the fact that we may have to rename our country as "Divided America" instead of "United?" Can we ever find it in ourselves to move forward, see eye to eye as a nation and come together in a bi-partisan way? I wonder if we can ever lay aside our bickering and truly focus on what is really important in our own nation.

We should form bonds, grasp on to each other's hands and support one another. Because if we do not, I fear the worst that can happen is that this division will weaken this great nation we have fought so hard to keep unique and independent and powerful. I fear that our country will weaken to such a degree that we will not be able to repair ourselves  and in our weakened state, we become a target for other countries to not only destroy themselves, but attack us and bring us down in the process. If too weak, our nation may never have the capability of helping other countries, fight for their freedom, democracy, and rights. We must first strengthen ourselves and stop fighting amongst each other. We should not be seeing each other as the enemy. I just hope we do not wait until it is too late. I still hold on with the hope that we can recover and renew ourselves and make a positive change. 

Sonyo Lee Ferstl