Monday, May 2, 2011

The 9/11 Generation and The Fight Against Terrorism

When 9/11 took place, my husband was getting ready to get his Master's Degree in political science and was also interested in history as well. Being a well traveled individual and one that has read more literature, classic novels than anyone I know- it equally made him a very good writer. I am still waiting for him to write a novel about his own personal experiences in war and fuse it together with his knowledge of history and politics. David was interested in writing full time and being a full time Graduate student until he stared at the twin towers burning into the ground and it gripped him like nothing in his life. 

Being heavily interested in political science, wanting to be a political journalist- he is not one to debate with unless you are a lawyer or a professor of history, politics, and law. It is no joke, when I first met my husband and even now, I am blown away by his knowledge of the world. This was a man who, by his photographic memory, quoted an entire page with the actual page number of text from a Saul Bellow novel to me. He quoted it casually, not even aware of his amazing recall ability and memory. He is highly intelligent, one that reads several different news papers and news sources daily- cover to cover and he absorbs what he reads. For me, I have to read something several times before I understand it completely. 

And like me, he has a diverse pool of friends. He has friends who come from all sorts of ethnic cultures, who come from a variety of political views and religious beliefs. He would often get into friendly banter with those that felt torn about current times during that moment in U.S. history. The decision to go in to Iraq was a sensitive subject for most people and it still is today. But, David had said "While those continued to debate here and cast their vote- I voted with my life." So, 9/11 had changed the course of his life and mine as well. He made a decision at that moment to go to OCS (Officer Candidate School) and is now a Captain and a Commander who works closely with those that have served in Special Forces and now supports our Infantry. As I said before, I am a filmmaker and writer and so I did not predict I would ever marry an officer in the military. 

When our military serves, their entire family serves as well and without moral support our military can not do what they do. My husband was a part of the successful surge in Iraq, having been sent to the most dangerous parts of Iraq and also Afghanistan. We have gone to many funerals, have lost many friends, and have witnessed bravery and teamwork, like no Hollywood film could ever do justice. Our military, as I have said before are without doubt the best today than it ever has been. We have those that are highly skilled and educated and they sacrifice so much to serve our country. Today, our military serve multiple deployments leaving for a year at a time. During the surge in Iraq, David served for 15 months as our Army out of all branches in the military- serve the longest at war. David then served a year in Afghanistan. He is scheduled to go again to Afghanistan for a 3rd deployment and we are both ready. 

Most people do not know, it was not just the Navy Seals tracking Bin Laden, but as a whole from various military U.S. Special Forces units has also been apart of this search for Bin Laden and other such departments that supports United States Intelligence. After being separated from my husband for 27 months, having to lose friends in Iraq and Afghanistan and after many moments of praying and tears.  My husband and I felt this day of victory, that our U.S. Special Forces followed through an incredible man hunt. It took our Special Forces teams, and two Presidents- former President Bush and President Obama and many leads prior to this event which stretched this search out for nearly 10 years.

Today, we feel the victory in our hearts and the feeling that we have not served in vein, that we serve our great nation and are apart of something remarkable. Forever, we will remember this moment where my husband and I can one day tell our kids that their daddy served in Iraq and Afghanistan and the reason why he did was the direct result of what took place on 9/11. The war against terrorism is not over, there are still threats and the need to stabilize Afghanistan. But, the termination of one of the world's greatest terrorists is a victory every New Yorker, every family of 9/11 victims, and every American feels. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be one who supports our country and our great Military forces. I am proud of my husband who would give up his life for this country and without regret. We have served 27 months in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be more than proud to serve in Afghanistan next year for the purpose to ensure safety against the growth of terrorism. 

To all branches of our military, as the Army says-  "HOOAAAH!" Osama Bin Laden is officially deceased. We did it America, we did it.

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