Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Kinds of People: Eat the RAW steak vs. Complain to the Waiter

My husband and I were eating dinner at a steak restaurant once. It wasn't a typical steak place- it was a really expensive place where they specialized in their amazing steak-cooking abilities. He ordered his steak well done and I ordered mine- medium rare. Well, when our food came- I got what I wanted and I was pretty happy. I ordered a medium rare and that is what I got. However, when my husband received his (well done), it was all but walking off his plate. Yep. His wasn't just a little pink, it was RAW.  It was bloody, uncooked, and pretty disgusting unless you like to eat raw meat.

When I informed him that he needed to say something, speak up. He grew worried and didn't want to be "that kind of customer." You know, the one that is a pain in the ass. It took a few more attempts to chew his uncooked meat and nearly vomiting at that- to finally cause him to flag the waiter and speak up.


1. THE PASSIVE AGRESSIVE TYPE: Those that do not speak up, do things underhandedly when they are upset and are afraid of confrontation. These are the types that will smile to your face and back stab you at the same time.


2. THE  "I TAKE NO BS"  STRAIGHT FORWARD TYPE: The person that confronts issues head on and tells the waiter "I didn't order raw meat." I am that kinda guy. Not the quiet type that is afraid to simply ask for an expensive steak to be cooked a bit longer. 

People that are my friends actually appreciate my straight forwardness. Others that don't like it are not my friends and I do not associate with them. Period. People value genuineness too. They know when you are real and when you are fake. That is why I do not believe in simply networking and cold/superficial contacts where people want to keep you at arms length. 

Recently in the last 2 days my persistance has landed me an internship with a Los Angeles studio and a potential offer to write a biography of someone's amazing true life story. I did this through utilizing my contacts (over 600 now- 95% are all film industry) on Linkedin and also my ability to connect with people and really care about them. 

Hey, so some people may think that being #2 on my personality list above is a bit "Oh my gosh....she's so abrasive. Why doesn't she just eat the raw meat and not complain to the waiter. What will the waiter and the restaurant think of her if she complains!"I prefer to be myself and those that really want to work with me- can. Those that don't- hey, more power to you.

Bottom Line: Do not be afraid to speak up. Because, while some may not jive with my blunt approach. I have many more contacts that would prefer it any day of the week above fake passive aggressive BS. I am a straight shooter. So far, I have already landed an internship in Los Angeles and a potential book writing gig. The internship is still being ironed out- as we are trying to work out a way to do it via telecommuting. Which is possible. The book writing gig- I just said "ABSOLUTELY" to her today. Being that this will be my 2nd official book I write (3rd if you count an unpublishable 600 page mess I wrote 12 years ago). So, I know all too well, it is not an easy undertaking when creating anything. There will be hard work ahead, but those that know me know that I am not afraid of hard work. 

Hey, so these aren't 6 figure job offers, but for a current Grad student- it is not bad. I must be doing something right and that must be that those that do like me- are the potential job opportunities that matter.

"You draw more people to you with honey than you do with vinegar." Yeah, yeah, yeah.....BUT, "A CLOSED MOUTH DOESN'T GET FED EITHER, AND HOW ARE YOU GONNA BUY HONEY WITHOUT THE MONEY?!?!" 


Ipuna said...

You definitely never have had a problem speaking up! Even to mom! Good for you on the job offer!

Lee said...

I had to delete my Facebook account because things got ugly. Cyber spies and such- there is always a consequence of speaking up. No one likes it. You can be in a gang and trying to get out of the gang so you can live a good life. The gangsters in your group will find you and kick your butt or kill you.

People are afraid that waiters will spit in their food if they complain about the meat being undercooked. It is crazy. I had a nervous break down and deleted my Facebook because the cyber spies that were stalking my every move on the internet were reporting back to the head honchos and reading in to every little bit of artifact and dirt they could gather. The internet is a scary thing for this reason.

How is your PHD program? How's life as a Professor? Still the same? Love you sis- miss you too! Thanks for reading and thanks for the support.