Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shut Up or Speak Up- Media and Decorum

Often times there are unsaid rules that people do not teach you right away, these things we learn the hard way. Ones that you have to learn in order to achieve success, especially in this viral community where everything we put out on the internet can be used against us in the future.
When you get hired especially in film or media, there is almost always unsaid rules to the business that you do not know until much later. Some rules have to do with how you socialize, who you socialize with and what you say on the internet. As social networking is being pushed at us, we are constantly encouraged and reminded that we need to be utilizing social networking sites to continue to keep a large networking base close to us. However, what some of these studios do not tell you is that they actually research what you say. Yes, it is not uncommon for new employers to do a bit of research on you. Most will track what you say, analyze your writing, and what you do on your off time. I was once turned down for a job at a studio in Los Angeles when they researched me on the internet and complained that they tracked that I have worked on a variety of films. Bottom line, they were worried that I was going to quit in the future for a crew position. 
I have also had employers read my blogs and track me meticulously on the internet. While that may feel like an invasion of privacy. Once we publicly post something- it is out there for people to track. Whether your sexting, posting up crazy pictures of yourself, posting up all of your "extra-curricular" activities. It may be funny and cool with your friends, but for an employer they may frown upon it. So, my thing is feel free to live the way you want, but be careful and know the consequences of throwing yourself out there virally for people to track, document and use against you later.

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